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Entry #3

worst day ever

2009-03-11 22:42:50 by Ninjaman64

hello everybody, i just had the worst day of my human life. At first it was looking good because my boa didn't escape his cage durring the night. but then the trouble started ,this kid on my bus called me bum licker and itryed to choke slam him but he kicked me in my privates. then when i got to school i got called into my teachers office and she spanked my bottom for picking my nose durring class. and for lunch my grandma forgot to pack my favorite dessert, which is candy. Then when i got home i found out that my little brother went through my underwear drawer when i wasn't home and he got jello in my underwear. i need some guidence if someone could write back that would be most excellent.


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2009-03-11 23:39:20

i have a massive penis

Ninjaman64 responds:

That is very innapropriate and you'll be lucky if i don't report you and get your account deleted now take that back


2009-08-12 02:02:21

ok ur just some low life wannabe that just sucks d$@!s all day just nothin to do go get a life and delet my and some thing bad is going to happen to u and ur computer so if i were u i would be quiet

Ninjaman64 responds:

umm ur gay fight me bitch