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2009-01-21 20:13:22 by Ninjaman64

Hello fellow newgroundians, i am glad to say that i have won the wwf tournament against my little bro and my grampa, i even got to have a cupcake for dessert. I managed to get my brother in a head lock after hours of struggle. But with my grampa it was a little harder, he had a belt so i kept getting whiped but i pushed him to the ground and pinned him.

ALso i managed to watch barock obama get innagerated on the television, we finally got reception after years of none. I am so glad that he is going to fight terrorists and help out we really need him.

so please talk to me its always good to have some new pals,


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2009-01-25 23:53:05

I whooped my Grandpas ass with my hands tied behind my back, and he had all these weapons with him too, like this oxygen tank, and wheel chair, and 2 prosthetic legs.