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New guy

2008-11-29 02:09:21 by Ninjaman64

Hi, i'm new to newgrounds. i hope to make a lot of new cyber-buddies. i think flash is really cool. i am from texas and i wont take any nonsense from cyber bullies so dont mess with me, after all i have a six foot long boa constrictor that could kill any one . and my second cousin is twenty years old . so i hope to hear from some people that are willing to show me the ropes around this sweet web site.

ps there is a picture of my boa constrictor that should be included.

New guy


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2008-11-29 02:17:24

fag wow cool u have a gay boa and a 2o year old half cousin cool fag

Ninjaman64 responds:

your a real jerk and im gonna hack your account and find out where you live. and i know your name its tyler hahaha,


2008-11-29 05:07:56

don't mind the guy above me^^he's the real fag1enjoy ng the site is good(watch out from the ammoying guys like him thou)well,that's bout it.if u need sumthing justwrite me!


2008-12-03 19:30:31

AAAAAAHHHH!!! A BOA !!! hey, I has webkinz too I'm babysbottom6969


2009-08-12 16:26:45

i bet u dont even hack and now im gonna report u u hag

Ninjaman64 responds:

you are so gay go suck on your moms gooch


2010-06-21 08:25:01

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